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  1. You must remember to be clear on what  type  of clients  you want to service for  your company or organization.

  2. You must remember to do consultations with every potential  client or customer  to make sure you can  service that  client and solve their problems and remove the mistakes

  3. You must remember to listen to the needs of that customer.

  4. You must remember to say  no and not take on more clients than you can handle by having a game plan on how many clients you will have one on one.

      5.   You must stay focus to the task at hand and make sure the task a completed  In this

           In this episode you will you will learn 5 mistakes we make as  Entrepreneurs


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Hello,How are you guys doing out there? Let me know that you are out there. I am so excited about today’s conversation. I’m glad you came over to chat with me. And before I get started I want to introduce myself. My name is Tajuana Hammonds (0:36). And I’m here because I had a few things that were really on my mind about entrepreneurship. And the 5 mistakes we make as entrepreneurs. Sometimes we don’t even realize that they’re mistakes, but I’m here to tell you so that you can avoid the pitfalls that I’ve experienced my own self.

Well, like I said, my name is Tajuana Hammonds (1:02). Hi Jermaine (1:03), I’m glad you came to join me. My name is Tajuana Hammonds (1:06) and I’m the co-founder of Genesis Hair Care. I’m the co-founder of Genesis Hair Care, but I’m also a business coach. I help entrepreneurs create tangible and digital products so that they can ultimately be able to make multiple streams of income. So you guys ready to get started? Thank you for the heart. I appreciate it. Give me some more. Let me know you are into what I’m saying or let me know something. And the more you engage with me, the more I’ll engage with you, and the more I’ll talk. So let’s get started about the 5 mistakes we make as entrepreneurs.

First of all, as an entrepreneur, especially when you’re first starting out, when you’re first starting out, it’s all about promoting, promoting, promoting. Now we’re always promoting. We’re promoting to get clients here. Because that’s what we’re supposed to do. We are new in the business, or either we are trying to grow our business. So what we actually do is,we just kind of like promote to everyone. But I’m here to tell you that everyone is not your client. I’m going to say that again. Everyone is not your client. What type of client you want as far as your organization or your company, what’s the best fit for you and company. The clearer or the quicker you’ll get to the end result. And a lot of times, we just kind of take online, any and every client. But it is not every client that belongs to you. Sometimes it’s just not a perfect fit. So the first thing I want you to understand as an entrepreneur get very clear on the type of clients you want your organization to serve. Whether it’s on a project, or whether it’s a service. Service based business. Okay.

Number 2. When you are taking on that client, make sure you are doing consultations with that particular client. Make sure you do consultations with that client and what I need for you guys to understand is, we’re so excited about that client that often times we don’t listen. We don’t listen to what that client really has to say.

Thank you for coming on and joining me today. If you’ve missed any of what I’m talking about today, it’s about the 5 mistakes we make as entrepreneurs. And the first thing that I talked about, rule number 1, make sure you are perfectly honestly clear about the kind of clients you want to attract for your organization or your company. To make sure that it’s a perfect fit for you. Because not all clients are a perfect fit for you. And sometimes we just take on everyone and anyone because someone may have said that, hey you know this person will like the service and you do that type of service. But it just doesn’t mean that that client is a perfect (4:12) fit for you. So be clear about the type of clients you want to attract.

a perfect fit for you. And sometimes we just take on everyone and anyone because someone may have said that, hey you know this person will like the service and you do that type of service. But it just doesn’t mean that that client is a perfect (4:12) fit for you. So be clear about the type of clients you want to attract.

Rule number 2. When you are in the process of meeting that client, don’t be so excited to wear, you forget to listen to what the client’s needs are. Make sure you understand what that client need. Listen to the client’s need. Because often times if we don’t, listen to the client’s, needs and we, take on that project, and we complete the whole project, you don’t want to, for it to be in vain. You want to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you need, from that situation.

do it all. So we kind of take on a lot of different things, but you don’t want to take on those things if you can’t handle them all the way to see it fully. All the way out today (9:19).

Or let me come back a little bit. Maybe you can handle it, maybe you can take it on, maybe you can accomplish all the goals you set up to do for that particular client, but, okay. But, in that but I am coming in is, it wasn’t, it wasn’t a part of your goals because you were working on something else. So we can get side tracked, okay. And you don’t want to get side tracked for what you’re already engaged, or working on, that’s going to give you that big bang, that big buck. Okay. And since we can get side- tracked on that, and we can stop or put off what we are doing, that’s going to bring in that revenue that we are looking for, or we need for that goal. That we decided to set, and we kind of take on something else and then it’s not really, it’s not really valuable to your company. Okay. So make sure that when you’re doing projects that you can say no to things that are not valuable. And make sure that you stick with your plans, stick and stay on, you stay true to what you are already doing. Okay. And I don’t want to see my thumb (10:30) fumbling over my words but it’s just very important that when you are taking on a project, sometimes so many different things can come, you know to you, at that particular time that we just say, oh okay, well you know I can do one more thing. But sometimes if that one more thing is going to distract you or cause you to remove yourself from what you’re already doing, that’s when you have to step up to the plate and you, you really got to say no. you got to start saying no. okay. Because you want to be that business that’s growing and thriving, and you want to make sure that your credibility to what you’re already doing, or your other clients is a one (11:13). You want to keep that. Okay. So that is rule number 4.

But rule number 5 as far as making a mistake, the mistakes that we make as entrepreneurs is not being focused. Not being focused. Not being focused on one thing. You know the main thing is you have to be focused. You have to be focused on goals that you make during the month, during the week, during the quarter, whatever goals that you are trying to actually meet and set. You got to stay focused on them. Stay focused on them. Because as an entrepreneur our main focus is to network and meet people. But our main focus is building a reputable brand or building a reputable company so that we can take care of our families. Okay. That is our main focus. And if we learn now how to maneuver and make sure that you are not just, just all over the place. But that you are succeeding in the things that you set out to do. Because you’ve made realistic goals. And you’ve written them down. Okay. And you are following through, then you are better (12:28) in result You’ll get what you are looking for at the end. And at the end, that bottom line you really want to increase. And we have to really truly be __________ (12:40) entrepreneurs. Make sure you’re doing all the things that you have set out to do as far as in that month. Okay.

So the 5 mistakes. I’m going to go back over them, and tell you guys the 5 mistakes we make as entrepreneurs is not being focused. Taking on more than we can handle. Not saying no to projects that are not valuable or about (13:03) time. Because our time is something you cannot get back. So you have to make sure that each project is going to benefit you and also benefit your client. But you have to let that client know the value that you are bringing to the table. So make sure you guys understand and don’t get caught up in the pitfalls. Because we can (13:25) really do that. So not staying focused. Not saying no. not being clear what that client is coming to you about and making sure that client knows exactly what you can bring to the table and what they need. You have to listen to the client, so you can know, ‘Hey this is not a project I can take on, because this client may need a different part of your service.’ You may offer that service, but at that particular time, you may not be able to take that on because  their’s too many intricate (13:57) parts of the puzzle to that particular project.

And I’m going to go back to number 1. Number 1, be clear about the type of client you should __________ (14:05) right. Every client is not your client. So make sure you are clear on that. Make sure you are clear about the clients that you want to have, and you want to service.

Okay. So those are the 5 mistakes as entrepreneurs we make some time. But I guarantee you, if you are clear then you can accomplish everything that you say I’ll accomplish and you just won’t be going around in circles. So make sure that you avoid this. Make sure that you understand these things and you can do it. You can go ahead and avoid these 5 mistakes.

Well, I am glad you guys decided to join me. I am glad. G G you want the line (14:50). You’re on my Facebook live. Sheena, I hope I am saying that right. And Tarry. Thank you guys for taking out your time. I really truly appreciate each one of you guys, I appreciate you guys. __________ (15:02) I appreciate you guys getting on here. Carlos, I appreciate it from my heart. I appreciate you guys taken the time to stop by here and hear what I have to say. Because I’m an entrepreneur, I have been doing this for so long guys. And it’s different things that I have experienced as an entrepreneur that I am trying to share with you guys to avoid doing. Okay. 5 mistakes guys. Avoid them. If you are clear you are going to get great understanding.



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