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In This 4-week  Intensive Mastermind Class,  You Will Learn How To Turn Your Content into Coins

How is it held?

In this class, you will receive  a  4-week intensive mastermind training every Monday morning at 8:00am  there will be a  Live conference call on that  particular topic , on that evening there will be at 8:00pm webinar where  you will walk step by step in the process of content creations .

What will be taught in this class


  1. You will learn how to create content that  converts  into coins by using live streaming you will learn content creations and how to monetize it .
  2. You will learn how to become a graphic designer that creates like a boss  develops  strategies  and put systems in place
  3. You will learn how to write copy that convert and how to build your  email list and sales funnels  with the tools to create success .

4.You will learn just how to repurpose content and build your content calendar for 30 days.

 who is this class for?

This class is for small business and entrepreneurs  that want change and seeking a simple framework you can use to  design a marketing plan that will help you  attract customers, grow sales and deliver the experience that wows your customers when you put it into actions.

What Results Can I expect after  taking this class  ?

You will  know how to create an incredible sales page with amazing copy that converts into sales

You will  know how to create 20 min graphics that save you  time and money

you will  know how to  attract your  audience and the  products to create for them

you will know how to create emails that your clients can’t wait to open



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